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River Forest Half-Day Program: Willard & Lincoln Elementary Fall 2018 – 2019




Half-Day Mornings or Half-Day Afternoons at Academia: Willard and Lincoln Elementary

Description: What is it like to be a child growing up in a different cultural environment? In Nepal, Guatemala, or China, for example? What might they eat? What language do they speak? What music do they listen to? How did civilizations of the past compare with how people live today?

This class features thematic units, cooperative learning activities, and hands-on student-centered methods to build on numeracy and literacy foundations, as well as social skills. Children engage in project-based learning, cultural activities and play to increase their communication skills and develop their social awareness. Cultural themes are explored through music, art, yoga, and craft-based activities and project work. Optional daily Spanish lessons included.  Nature walks and visits to local parks are incorporated into our class time (weather permitting).

Register now for the 2018 – 2019 River Forest School year.

-Children attending mornings at Academia may be dropped off after 7:30am.

-Children attending afternoons at Academia may be picked up prior to 3:30pm.

-Afternoon program attendees receive priority enrollment in Academia’s afterschool program, with pick up by 6:30pm.

Five days a week attendance calculated at $30/day. Pupils in need of fewer than five days a week, tuition calculated at $35/day. Billed monthly. Ongoing enrollment.

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