Oak Park Institute Day and Holiday Class


Description: There are several Institute days and half-days during the year. We’re including them all in an easy discounted package, or you can choose individual days or half days. Cultural themed arts and crafts and Spanish lessons included, along with fun at Longfellow Park. Some dates include visits by bus to restaurants, museums and places of cultural interest.

For the 2017-2018 School Year

3/20 8:00am – 6:30pm Institute Day

If you are not enrolled in Academia’s after school program, please email us at info@chicagoacademia.com prior to registration to ensure pick up is available from the elementary school your child attends.

To purchase the full package for all dates listed, $115.20 + 4 payments of $115.20 (calculated using an hourly rate of $8/child/hour. Two children/$12.80/hour).


Drop in for one day: One child $85/day. Two children $136/day with coupon code SIBLINGS20. Half days from 11:00am – 6:30pm: One child $60/day. Two children $96/day when you enter coupon codes SIBLINGS20 and HALFDAYDROPIN

1. What is the hourly rate for the full package of dates for one child/two children?
$8/hour for 1 child, $12.80 for two with SIBLINGS20.
 2. How do I sign up more than one child for the full package of dates?
You’ll be prompted to check a box for each student you’re enrolling. Add coupon SIBLINGS20 for 20% off all children.
3. How do I sign up for an individual date?
See below – click on the words ‘(or drop in)’ and choose your date from the calendar to add to cart. You may add more than one day.
4. What is considered a half day?
 Half days are early dismissal days, and we pick up your children from their school at 11am and keep them until 6:30pm.
5. How do I sign up for a half day?
 Choose ‘(or drop in)’ below, choose your date when prompted, enter coupon code HALFDAYDROPIN in the cart which drops the price to $60.
6. Can I get a sibling discount for two children attending a half day?
Enter HALFDAYDROPIN, click “apply code,” enter SIBLINGS20, again, clicking “apply code” to see your full combined discount at check out before payment is taken.